Former President Jerry John Rawlings has urged president-elect Nana Akufo-Addo to fight corruption "across-the-board" in a congratulatory statement.

The former president notes that Akufo-Addo's victory is a manifestation of the people's will, adding that Ghana has many challenges which he promised to fix.

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“Your victory is a manifestation of the people’s desire for new leadership and comes with enormous responsibilities including a commitment to pursue an anti-corruption drive across-the-board," he said.

“Ghana faces huge challenges, many of which you promised to tackle during your campaign tours," he added.

He reminded the president-elect that he was elected as "President because the electorate believes you have the ability to confront these challenges and lead the country with fearlessness, humility and honesty."

He continued: “I commend you for committing to be a leader for all Ghanaians in your acceptance address. The onus is on you to pursue a leadership that unifies the people so members of the losing side have no reason to feel insecure.

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“I wish you the best of luck as you prepare to assume the mantle of leadership.

“God bless you and our homeland Ghana,” the message concluded.