EOCO is the headquarters of corruption — Adam Bonaa

Security analyst Dr. Adam Bonaa has urged the Speaker of Parliament to launch an investigation into the conduct of the Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO) amidst the ongoing controversy surrounding the stash of money discovered in the home of former Minister Cecilia Dapaa.


Dr. Bonaa alleged that EOCO simply waited for the warrant authorizing the withholding of the money by the OSP to expire, and subsequently returned the cash to Madam Cecelia Dapaa without making any effort to investigate the matter.

In a video shared on social media, the security analyst stated that a bipartisan parliamentary probe into the issue would help uncover the truth about EOCO’s actions and shed light on other occurrences within the anti-fraud office.

"I am calling on the Right Hon. Speaker of Parliament to institute a probe into the Cecelia Dapaa cash saga. I have a feeling EOCO is not telling us the truth. I now can say with certainty that EOCO has also become the headquarters of corruption. There’s the need to investigate what happened between these two institutions under the executive; EOCO and Special Prosecutor are all under the Attorney General and so to have EOCO being handed the file to investigate this under money laundering which falls under them and to have them come back to tell us that they couldn’t do anything about it is mind boggling and so as citizen and not a spectator I will ask Parliament to institute a probe into them," he noted.


He stressed that there many things going wrong at EOCO that Ghanaians are yet to know about hoping a probe will help throw light on them.

"There are a lot of things going on at EOCO that some of us find unfortunate. The boss of EOCO is not telling Ghanaians the truth, she is telling us half truths about the money we are talking about," he said.

"There are many unsettling occurrences at EOCO that have yet to come to light. The head of EOCO is not providing the public with the whole truth; rather, she is only offering partial information regarding the money in question."


In the past week, EOCO and the Office of the Special Prosecutor have publicly traded accusations over their respective roles in investigating the source of the significant sum found in the former Sanitation Minister's home.

The Special Prosecutor’s office has accused EOCO of lacking the motivation to pursue the matter.


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