Afoko remains NPP chairman - Sammy Crabbe

According to Crabbe, he does not recognise Freddie Blay as the acting chairman of the party following the suspension of Paul Afoko.

Paul Afoko

The second vice chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Sammy Crabbe has insisted that Paul Afoko remains the national chairman of the party.

According to him, he does not recognise the first vice chairman, Freddie Blay who is the acting chairman of the party following the suspension of Afoko.

“No, no, no I don’t see him [Blay] as chairman and if he convenes a meeting I’m not going. If I do next time you’ll be asking me to recognise a coup d’état. I can’t just accept that. I don’t fear. I’m courageous,” Crabbe said.


The National Executive Committee (NEC) on October 10, 2015, unanimously voted to suspend its Paul Afoko indefinitely for allegedly acting against the fortunes of the party

“It’s going to leave serious problems within the party because people have realised that all you have to do is to walk to a body, make a petition which doesn’t have to be followed and make a lot of noise and you’re going to get it.

“It is going to affect the New Patriotic Party (NPP)… I disagree with our flagbearer on this issue and I don’t think it’s a crime and I don’t think it should warrant anybody going out there asking for my head and I hope it doesn’t go that way anyway. I have a very thick neck and it’s very difficult to cut, so I’ll survive,” Crabbe told Accra-based Joy FM on Wednesday, October 11, 2015.

According to him, he will not contest any position of the party again if “this is allowed to hold.”


He said: “I don’t have any guarantees. Why should I go through the expense and the risk of trying to get into office just for the laws to be broken?”

Sammy Crabbe said the suspension of Afoko is a recipe for chaos.


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