NPP, EC bent on plunging Ghana into a civil war - Boakye Gyan

Osahene Boakye Gyan, a former military officer, has accused the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the Electoral Commission (EC) of coniving to rig the next elections.

Boakye Gyan

According the Major (rtd), the scheming between the EC and the NPP ahead of the 2020 general elections is likely to plunge the country into a civil war.

Speaking on the EC's plans to compile a new voter's register, Boakye Gyan said the intrasigence of the Commission is a recipe for disaster.

He claimed the EC, having a desire to rig the 2020 elections with the tacit assistance of the ruling NPP, is hell-bent on having a new register.

"This party (NPP) won power with the biggest electoral margin; so what has gone wrong?...this morning, I overheard an NPP activist on radio claiming if elections are held today, Nana Addo will be re-elected with some one million, three hundred thousand votes difference."

See, the NPP has cooked up the figures already, they are simply looking for the means to legitimize their rigging by undertaking a registration exercise (through the EC)....," he alleged.

Sounding a note of caution, he pointed out that most electoral disputes in Africa have resulted in civil wars and Ghana is not immune to it, and warned that "should the EC continue to toe the line of their paymasters, it will certainly spell doom for this country."

They want to beef up the numbers so they can win simply because they don't have confidence in their winning numbers, otherwise, they won't tamper with it...But more Africa, all crises and civil wars have been on the back of disputed electoral results. What they are doing now, they are driving us into a civil war and if they want it, they will get it," he screamed.

" is political motivation that led to the dismissal of Madam Jean Mensah as the EC Chairperson by the current administration."


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