It is in this vain that a lot of excitement and optimism greeted the election of Francisca Oteng-Mensah, a then 23-year old lady as a Member of Parliament for the Kwabre East Constituency on the ticket of New Patriotic Party (NPP) in 2016.

Trying to emulate this youthful upsurge in the Ghanaian political space is Choro Samuel Padoh, a 28-year old parliamentary aspirant for the Madina Constituency.

Born to Choro Adams Padoh, a stalwart of the NPP in Madina, Samuel took interest in politics at a tender age.

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And throughout his educational life, he made sure he honed this ambition by contesting for student leadership positions and contributing at the grassroots level to the fortunes of the NPP in Madina.

In an exclusive interview with Pulse Ghana on what motivated him to declare his intention to contest, Choro said: "In the previous years, we've had a lot of elderly candidates and I'm a youth and there a lot of things the youth are grappling with in Madina to which I can relate to. Time has shown that these elderly statesmen have failed, therefore it's time for the youth to take over."

Choro Samuel contests Madina seat
Choro Samuel contests Madina seat

"I think can work assiduously to meet the needs of the constituents in Madina, something that is currently lacking under the leadership of the incumbent MP, Hon Saddique Boniface."

Admitting to the uphill task that he faces contesting against an incumbent MP and a Minister of State, Choro Samuel said it looks tough but he is unfazed.

"The competitors in the primaries are big names on paper but I am not fazed at all because I only look up to God as the enabler of everything therefore I'm not afraid of any human."

The ruling New Patriotic Party opened nomination for parliamentary aspirants in constituencies that they won in 2016 this week on January 20.

According to John Boadu, the General Secretary of the party, the election of the parliamentary candidates and that of the presidential aspirants will come off on April 25.

For Choro Samuel, the 3 months campaigning period will be enough for him to convince delegates of Madina to elect him to represent the party in the December 2020 elections.

Outlining some of his visions, he said the youth and firm leadership will be at the core of his campaign to become the youngest male MP in Ghana.

"We have so many youth groups in the Madina Constituency that are unemployed and if I should get the mandate, this will be my prime focus. We have a particular group called the "Zaama Boys" in Madina and this group was instrumental in the NPP's win in 2016, however, they have been abandoned since and these are some of the things I will work at."

Choro Samuel poster
Choro Samuel poster

"There are a lot of opportunities we can get these guys work without it being white collar jobs. They can serve different roles at the Madina Municipal Assembly as well as parking lot attendants at the markets in the constituency."

One of the reasons Choro Samuel is also looking forward to dispose Hon. Saddique Boniface as the MP for Madina is his neglect of the grassroots that worked tirelessly to get him elected.

Though the Ghanaian political terrain demands experience to which Choro Samuel lacks somewhat, he believes learning under his experienced father and the active involvement in the NPP campaign in Madina in 2016 has him prepared to take up the mantle and bring the change that Madina desperately needs in December 2020.