He said those decisions should serve the office holder's constituency, that is those citizens who voted for him or her adding that decisions should not be made, nor should they appear to be made, based on the financial self-interest of the officeholder. 

Any such decision undermines the status of citizens as sovereign as well as the trust they have in the government, he said.

He condemned the practice of people getting into the political office just to enrich themselves.

In an interview on Accra FM, he stated that "In Africa, too many people go into politics not to serve the people but to benefit themselves, to benefit the party and party supporters."

He opined that the only time legislators from both parties (New Patriotic Party and National Democratic Congress) in Parliament unite is when it is in their collective interest.

"You hardly have consensus between these two dominant parties” but “the only time you would get consensus is when they introduce a policy that will benefit both Members of Parliament of the political divide," he noted.