According to him, a delay in prosecuting corrupt acts by public figures will lead to impunity and the further perpetuation of crime and corruption.

He made this known on Wednesday during a courtesy call by the leadership of the Assemblies of God Church to inform him of the demise of their former General Superintendent, Rev. Dr. Simon Asore.

Paying tribute to Dr Simon Asore, he said men like him [Asore] who upheld a very high level of integrity cannot die in vain.

Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu

Rawlings said "We were searching for somebody with honour. Some of the tools needed to take out the rustiness were themselves rusty then, but he was a refreshing man of integrity whose spirituality was very high."

He also charged the leadership of the Church to enquire from Martin Amidu what may be holding him up from prosecuting the courrpt officials.

"I wonder what is holding him up. We do not want to see the perpetuation of crime. We don’t want to see crimes being committed with impunity. The power of virtue must override the power of vice," he said.