2016 elections must not be NPP or NDC - Dr. Nduom

Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom has stated that he cannot join the NDC or the NPP or any other party ahead of the 2016 elections


The 2012 presidential candidate of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom, has reminded Ghanaians that 2016 must not become a New Patriotic Party(NPP) or National Democratic Congress (NDC) affair.

He has, therefore, reiterated the need for a coalition of independent-minded people and political parties who will agree to work together to give power back to the people.

Dr Nduom, who wrote this on his facebook wall, stated, ‘’No amount of money can get me to abandon my independent principles. But we can collaborate with others and we must seriously promote this to offer the country the type of incorruptible leadership our people deserve.’’

He explained that power to the people meant they electing their own district chief executives (DCEs), reducing the powers of the President and barring parliamentarians from becoming ministers.


He said the government by independent-minded people would provide free, compulsory and continuous education to every child and also check corruption.

Dr Nduom gave the assurance that should the coalition happen, he could willingly take a back seat if that was what was needed for it to be successful.

In his view, Ghana was more important than the ambition of anyone and soon his participation in active partisan politics would come to an end.

“I am over 60 years and proud of it. So I am asking myself: What legacy will I leave?” he asked.

He stressed that he was not asking for a merger of political parties, but a coalition of parties and independent people based on agreed principles and agenda.


He said the question of who would lead the coalition ought to be decided by a consensus of the people involved.

Dr Nduom said already there were positive sentiments for a coalition and he was throwing the idea out there for those interested in it to identify themselves “so we can work this out, not for personal interest but to merge the talents we all have into something bigger and better that can make this country a powerful one in a way to benefit all of its people”.

He said people should not be afraid to be called all sorts of names since he had been hit with all sorts of bullets, mud and dirty names but he was still standing.

‘’I don't need anyone's money or a job in government to live a decent life. I want to leave this earth with the satisfaction that I did my best for my country and its people,” he declared.

According to Dr Nduom, the founders of the PPP were independent-minded people who decided to put together an independent movement built on a progressive foundation.


“We are a political party because we want to stay together and propagate our ideas and principles. We are a political party also because the Electoral Commission would not allow us to be independent and still use the same agenda and manifesto,” he stated.

In this connection, he gave the assurance, “I cannot join the NDC or the NPP or any other party.”


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