4 strong reasons why fat girlfriends are the best

A man needs an ego massage every now and then, and big girls know how to do just that.

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As much as we enjoyed the shocked looks on the faces of skinny girls  when they realized that they weren’t the only queens after all, we also see the importance in undertaking a little public service announcement. Maybe the idea of ‘they fell madly in love’ is not a good enough reason for you, and you’re still wondering why a man will date a fat girl, here are the reasons.

Adios to calorie counting–when men grow up they leave their mothers at home and do grown men stuff. They don’t need another mother-a skinnier one this time- nagging them about watching their weight and cutting down on calories. Is it chocolate ice cream a man wants? He’s got it and more with his fat girl.

Say snugly– who needs a pillow when they have the real deal? There’s enough cushioning for you with a fat chick. Whether you’re sleeping or just reclining as you watch the afternoon’s football game, we’ve got you covered. We wish we could say the same for our skinny sisters; and yet they are the ones who can’t understand why men want to be with us.

Twerk goes with flesh – when the phrase ‘shake your moneymaker’ was invented, skinny women didn’t exist. Dating a fat girl is the only way of understanding what it means to have someone ‘shake it for you’. Step aside, skinny people. Real twerking is in the house, and it’s here to stay.

Big+ ego – A man needs an ego massage every now and then, and big girls know how to do just that. When a man walks into a shop a bootilicious girl, heads turn, and why wouldn’t they; there’s so much to look at. Go on, gasp, we know you’re looking.


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