Historically, Ghana's path to progress has conventionally depended heavily on its schools, colleges and universities - and today, that's truer than ever.

It is however difficult to find a centralized information source on Ghana’s higher education ecosystem.

This is where Entervarsity comes in. Entervarsity is a universities search service that provides information on academics and advice for anyone looking to progress to a higher education institution in Ghana.

Together with industry experts, the platform is working on breaking down the barriers that keep parents and students from discovering suitable schools and programmes online. The platform seeks to completely remove geographical barriers that keep students from accessing the information they need when choosing their path towards higher education. With Entervarsity, parents and students now have a simple, comprehensive, and smooth online search experience.

They have essentially assembled the best and knowledgeable consultants on one platform, who are ready to guide parents’ and students’ school and programme search. The consultants will guide every student’s programme selection, and placement in a school, where they will ensure they truly thrive.

Most parents and students, when questioned, name the lack of basic up-to-date data on universities’ websites on fees, student population, international students, and scholarships, as some of the headaches with choosing and applying for a university. That is why today, Entervarsity is joining universities in Ghana to align information on institutions and programmes online.

With better alignment of existing higher education information data, and clearer information to support current search efforts, critical barriers many Ghanaians and foreigners face in accessing the information needed to make well-informed decisions on schools and programme choices in Ghana will be removed.

Visit www.entervarsity.com to find out more about this services.

 For further information, contact info@entervarsity.edu.gh and on (+233) 0507514187.