Siamese twin sisters clap back at haters after 1 of them gets married

Abby married a war veteran and the fact itself caused great controversy.

Abby Hensel with her partner, Josh Bowling [Yahoo]

The 34-year-old Siamese twins from America, who share a body, decided to react to the cruel comments that made them realise that they had settled their lives.

Abby Hensel married a war veteran and the fact itself caused great controversy.

Hensel's wedding ceremony took place already in 2021, but only now the happy news has spread around the world. Abby and her sister, Brittany, remained silent until strangers started attacking and ridiculing them on the internet. Some even allowed themselves to discuss their intimate life.

So the following comment appeared on their TikTok account, "The Internet is extremely LOUD today. We were always nearby. This is a message to all the haters out there. If you don't like what I do but watch everything I do, you're still my fan."


Abby and Brittany became stars of the TLC reality show in 2012. It wasn't the first time they gained attention - Americans fell in love with them after appearing on Oprah Winfrey when they were kids.

What sparked interest was the fact that they were born with a rare condition called dicephalus, which affects 200,000 people at birth. The Hensels share a common circulatory system, some important organs and genitals. Abby controls the right side of her body and Brittany controls the left side.

Their parents decided not to undergo surgery after birth, which would have separated them. The risk of both of them dying was too great. The sisters stayed together and learned to coexist together, enjoying life to the fullest.


The audience watched them learn to drive a car together, party and look for a job. Already as teenagers, they assured that they saw themselves as mothers, and today they help Josh, Abby's husband, raise their daughter.


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