US President moves to mend fences with African leaders, says Tillerson will visit continent

Some political pundits say this is a diplomatic move to mend fences with the African leaders.

Trump had earlier referred to Africa, Haiti and El Salvador as shithole countries during a meeting with lawmakers to discuss a proposal for an immigration plan.

This sparked a lot of controversy, with the some diplomats and African leaders, calling for an apology from the President of the World super power.

The US leader later denied using the language, adding that he used tough words.

According to the UK standard, the decision to visit Africa might have come out of his meeting with the African Union chairman and president of Rwanda Paul Kagame at the World Economic Forum.

Trump, after the meeting referred to Kagame as a friend.

Nigeria summons US Ambassador

The Nigerian government also summoned the United States Ambassador, Stuart Symington, to explain the derogatory remarks which President Donald Trump allegedly made.

The government of Botswana also issued a stern statement, saying that Trump's comments were highly irresponsible, reprehensible, and racist.

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