Ghanaian boxer

The young boxer once again made Ghana proud on Sunday by successfully defending his WBO Super Bantamweight title against Japanese Hideori Otake,

The 23-year-old put up a wild performance which saw him knock down his opponent after just over a minute of action, to secure a round one TKO victory.

But despite his assertiveness in the ring, it appears that Dogboe is not being celebrated enough. as his early achievements truly deserve.

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Below are four reasons why the Royal Storm must be celebrated more in Ghana:

He’s Ghana’s youngest world champion

Isaac Dogboe holds the record of being Ghana’s youngest ever world champion. The young boxer entered into the history books back in April when he defeated Jessie Magdaleno to become world champion.

Dogboe won the WBO Super Bantamweight belt at the age of 23, making him the youngest boxer from Ghana to achieve that feat. Now that is something worth celebrating.

He’s Ghana’s only current world champion

As it stands, Isaac Dogboe is Ghana’s only recognised world champion at the moment. The Ho native’s successful defense of his title is a very big deal, considering the fact that most Ghanaian boxers are not performing at the moment.

If for nothing at all, the chap is worth celebrating because he, at least, puts Ghana on the map when it comes to countrie s that boast world champions.

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He has helped revive interest in Ghana boxing

Undoubtedly, Isaac Dogboe has played a major role in helping to whip up interest in local boxing.

In a time where football seems to have stolen the hearts of many, the last 12 months have proved to be crucial for boxing with majority of the public throwing their support behind Dogboe to go all the way.

Currently, the interest in boxing has risen and it’s all because of Dogboe’s impeccable performances in the ring in recent times.

He’s the present and future of Ghana boxing

This might sound controversial, but Isaac Dogboe stands as the present and future of Ghana boxing.

This is a young man who is undefeated (his record stands at 20-0) and, more importantly, has been improving with each bout he engages in.

There is a reason why the Royal Storm has been likened to the legendary Azumah Nelson, and it’s because most people realise that he’s actually the present and future of Ghana boxing.