Isaac Dogboe suffers Round 12 TKO to Emanuel Navarrete in rematch

Isaac Dogboe was unable to continue the fight after his father threw in the towel

Isaac Dogboe was unable to continue the fight after his father threw in the towel

Ghana's hope of winning a World title has been dashed again after Mexico's Emmanuel Navarette defeated former World Champion, Isaac Dogboe in their rematch.

Navarrete (27-1, 23 KOs) successfully defended his WBO super bantamweight title on Sunday morning on ESPN, putting a 12-round beating on Dogboe (20-2, 14 KOs) until his trainercum father, Paul Dogboe, threw in the towel.

The time of the stoppage was 2:02 of the 12th round.

Navarrete would drop Dogboe three times en route to a one-sided beatdown that saw Isaac Dogboe take tremendous punishment, so much so that the last four to five rounds Paul Dogboe, continuously threatened to stop the fight

Dogboe took an uncomfortable number of clean jabs and power punches that had him wobbling all over the ring for nearly the whole fight.

Navarrete visibly hurt Dogboe as early as the second round, then again in the third and fourth rounds.

His face was getting busted up, he had nothing different to offer to turn things around, but still threw punches even though he was getting the worst of it.

“I’m very surprised he could take so many hard shots,” said Navarrete. “He landed some hard shots as well.”

By the ninth round, Dogboe appeared to be taking a lot of concussive blows that were clearly hurting him and hindering his ability to defend himself, but his father, who is also his trainer, refused to stop the fight.

The one-sided beatdown continued into the championship rounds until a right hand from Navarrete dropped an exhausted Dogboe in the 12th and final round of the fight. Although the challenger made it to his feet and beat the count, Paul Dogboe decided his son had had enough punishment for the night. 

Final CompuBox numbers had Naverrete landing 314 of 884 total punches (35.5%) while Dogboe landed 121 of 523 total punches (23.1%).

Dogboe said he is considering a move up in weight to the 126-pound featherweight division.

“Right now, I’d like to let everyone be aware that the super bantamweight division is very challenging for me to make weight,” said Dogboe, 24.

“My next fight will be at featherweight. I believe I will be much stronger at that weight. It’s a struggle to make 122.”