Mike Tyson smokes giant joint to mark Marijuana festival

Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson was spotted smoking long joint to celebrate a marijuana festival.

Mike Tyson

Tyson has been a big advocate of the herb which is yet to be legalised in several states in the United States despite evidence of its medicinal purpose.

Marijuana was recently legalised in Carlifornia and Mike Tyson responded to it by establishing a 40-acre cannabis ranch which is close to Death Valley.

Tyson, a strong believer in the healing properties of the drug, even has his own school for prospective weed growers called 'The Tyson Cultivation School.'

Mike Tyson took weed hours before his bout against Andrew Golota in 2000 and despite defeating his opponent via round three knockout, the decision was overturned and declared a no contest after he tested positive of the herb.

He is also looking to advance research of the benefits of marijuana, specifically CBD, which has no psychoactive properties and is use to treat inflammatory ailments.

It also stands to be a lucrative business for Tyson, with the sales of legal marijuana estimated to reach $24.5billion by 2021, according to Forbes. 

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