This is how much Isaac Dogboe took home after Otake demolition

According to ESPN’s Dan Rafael, Dogboe (20-0, 14 KOs) took home $65,000 for his night’s exertions while Otake earned $25,000.

The 23-year-old successfully defended his WBO super bantamweight title on Sunday, after knocking out his Japanese opponent.

Dogboe dropped Otake twice in the first minute of round one, before finally winning by TKO less than two minutes into the round.

ESPN’s Dan Rafael has disclosed that Dogboe took home $65,000 as reward for his impeccable performance in the ring against Otake.

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Meanwhile, his Japanese opponent also earned $25,000 despite falling to a humiliating loss in the bout.

Isaac Dogboe remains Ghana’s only world champions currently and is also the country’s youngest ever champion.

The Royal Storm, who boasts a flawless record of 20 fights with no loses, is already focusing on unifying his belt, having called out the division’s top names including Danny Roman and Rey Vargas.

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“Now I want to face all the champs. Let’s do this! I’m ready to unify all the titles,” he said. “I want all the champions out there, Rey Vargas, Danny Roman. Step up to the plate, let’s make this happen. They should come forward and make a great fight. Champions should fight the best,” Dogboe said after the bout.

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