Thomas Partey apologises after breaking a Valencia supporter’s glasses

Thomas sent a direct message to the supporter on Twitter to apologise.

Following the full-time whistle, Atleti midfielder Thomas Partey hit a ball and it flew into the stands, smacking one fan in the face, breaking his glasses and leaving him with a cut. One Twitter account mentioned the incident and the victim replied.

“It seems that the person affected was me,” Jose Carmelo Llopis wrote. “The ambulance and medical staff at the Mestalla were wonderful in helping me out. Of course, the glasses were broken and I have a few scratches on my eyelids.”

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Once he saw this tweet, Thomas Partey replied and apologised about the incident.

“I just found out that last night I hit you with a ball at Mestalla,” the player wrote. “I hope you are okay. I’m really sorry about the glasses, it wasn’t intentional.”

The Valencia fan replied to that tweet to thank the Ghanaian for his apology and concern.

Source: Marca

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