The book, which discusses the life, career and experiences of the 59-year-old, will be launched in December.

The 400-page book is a leadership memoir in which Appiah shares his account of key events during his playing days and his two stints as the Black Stars coach.

Its content is divided into four parts, with a total of 21 chapters.

Black Stars coach Kwesi Appiah
Black Stars coach Kwesi Appiah

Revealing why he wrote the book, Kwesi Appiah said: “Very few people have had the opportunity to walk the path that my life has taken. As a result, I have seen things that only a few people have seen; I have had experiences that only a few people have had and I have perspectives that only a few people have.

“Until now, the stories about the things I have seen, the experiences I have had and my perspectives on issues have been shared with only a relatively small group of people.”

He added: “So, as I thought about what purpose a book from me will serve, I became convinced that the time to commit my experiences and ideas into writing is now.

“While my stories and perspectives are mainly from the world of football, I hope that the lessons and the inspiration they provide will be useful to footballers, coaches, and administrators, as well as to the fans and those who have little or no interest in football.”

Appiah’s autobiography was co-author, Kyei Amoako, while its foreword was written by ace journalist, Kwabena Yeboah.