For many people, playing football in itself is a job, but the fact is that unlike other trades one cannot play football till age 60.

The maximum life span for most players is 20 years, and after that they would either have to find something better doing or prepare for the hard life.

It is true that football is one of the well-paid jobs in the world. Come on, how many occupations would you have employees being paid not monthly, but weekly?

And kudos to some players, they have already started planning for life after retirement by investing their monies into businesses.

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Below are five footballers who are successful businessmen outside the pitch:

1. Asamoah Gyan

Black Stars captain Asamoah Gyan is one of the most successful footballers from Africa, having plied his trade in Italy, France, England, UAE, China and now in Turkey.

Business-wise, the Kayserispor striker is equally on top of his game and has so far invested his money in so many local businesses.

Gyan is into aviation, boxing management and owns a number of other companies as well.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

Newly-signed Juventus attacker, Cristiano Ronaldo, is another player who is very successful in business outside football.

The 33-year-old has managed to brand himself so well that the “CR7” moniker could sell virtually any product at all.

Ronaldo currently owns a boutique and has launched a line that sees him sell boxer shorts and other products. Currently, Ronaldo’s fashion boutique has branches in Lisbon and Madeira.

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3.Mathieu Flamini

Former France international Mathieu Flamini may have been a quiet presence on the pitch, but in the business world he is impeccable.

Many football lovers may not fancy his footballing talent but his business brain is simply unmatched. Flamini is a partner of GF Biochemicals, an environmental company that produces levulinic acid and derivatives.

Two years ago, the Sun reported that the business was worth a huge £20 billion.

4. Neymar

‘Just like Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar is also a global brand and the attacker has made full use of his status for business.

The PSG star has advertising deals with some of the biggest companies in the world; talk of Nike, Gillette, etc.

Neymar is believed to be “the only soccer player to earn more off than on the pitch", according to Forbes.

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5. Andres Iniesta

Andres Iniesta is widely regarded as one of the most artistic players ever to play the game of football. However, he is not only good at football; he is equally a smart businessman.

The World Cup winner is into the making of wines and has his own wine label “Bodega Iniesta” which he inherited from his father.

Currently, the wine produced by Iniesta’s company is sold and distributed in every corner of Spain, thanks to the midfielders appeal.