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In an interview with SVTV on their Ghetto Live segment, Richard Anderson disclosed that a Nigerian introduced him to narcotic drugs.

“There are so many types of drugs Obion, Rock. For the rock it is only good for armed robbers. It is not good for footballers. No one can take it and play football. They introduced me to Obion. What they sell in Kuwait is very good. The one they sell in Ghana is not a good, because you need to buy plenty, but they are still not effective” he said.

“I had a Nigerian roommate who was into drugs, so one day I told him Haruna I will test your drug. He told me not to, yet I insisted. The smoking has derailed most of my plans in life”.

He spoke about his career at the developmental stage with King Faisal and his breakthrough.

"I played King Faisal’s junior side for six months and later decided to come back home and continue my colts (juvenile) football with Tema AC Milan,"

Anderson also recounted his spell at the Ghana Premier League during the 90s.

"At the Premiership, I met great players like Justice Ampah, Joe Ansah, Famey3, among others."

According to him, he made quite some good money from Kuwait but wasted it on drugs, friends, and what have you, in his return to Ghana.

"I spent most of the money made outside, on unnecessary things, but I am always proud I gave my mum her share and also spent some on my daughter’s education," he said.

Below is the video: