Players of Star Madrid are owed seven months’ of winning bonuses, making some members of the playing body agitated.

Nana Appiah Mensah the CEO of Zylofon Media is believed to be one of the richest young businessmen in Ghana and it was confirmed when he slashed $10m to sign a five year deal to sponsor the Ghana Premier League early this year.

Nana Appiah decided to be involved in mainstream football by purchasing a lower division side Star Madrid FC.

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He has shown much desire to push the club to the top by hiring Michael Osei who was the coach of Premier League side Liberty Professionals.

News regarding the level of treatment meted out to the players have been pleasant, but the football fraternity has been left in despair after hearing he is yet to pay the winning bonuses of his playing body for their past seven victories.

Some of the players who spoke to on the basis of anonymity for fear of victimization recounted their experiences at the club.

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“It’s a well-branded club which keeps attracting even some of the biggest stars in the country because of the owner Nana. But when you are finally signed-on, the treatment is different. We have not been paid our winning bonuses for seven matches now and they have asked us to go home without our salary. I don’t think it’s fair,” one player noted.

Despite that, some of the players believe that their conditions of service are better than some Premier League clubs and do not see the non-payment of winning bonuses as an issue.

“In fact I wish I don’t talk about this issue. When we were leaving camp, some of my playmates started complaining but I told them they have to reason. All our signing-on fees have been paid in full and our salaries are paid promptly.

“So why must we talk about this in the media? I don’t know why they’ve not paid the winning bonuses but I know they will surely pay. We just need to be patient. If this Anas thing had not come, I know our salary for July would have been paid as well,” another player retorted.

Other players believe the bankroller of the club Nana Appiah Mensah is oblivious of the development arguing that he wouldn’t permit that treatment if he’s aware.

“For me, I know Nana Appiah is not aware of this. When we complained about our winning bonuses, Bola, our General Manager, told us he gave us the first and only bonus from his heart, so as and when he deems fit, he will give us something. So it means we are not even entitled to it, meanwhile it’s in our contracts,” another player angrily said.