Except, the 1976 AFCON staged in Ethiopia which was played in a league format, the rest of the finals were settled in a one-off game.

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However, in 1974, the final between Zaire now DR Congo and Zambia was settled, after a replay. The final ended in a 2-2 draw, before Zaire won the final replay 2-0.

The rest of the final have been settled in a one-off game.

Year  Winners             Runners-up

1957   Egypt              4-0 Ethiopia

       [Final tournament in Sudan]

1959   Egypt              2-1 Sudan

       [Final tournament in Egypt]

1962   Ethiopia           4-2 Egypt           [aet]

       [Final tournament in Ethiopia]

1963   Ghana              3-0 Sudan

       [Final tournament in Ghana]

1965   Ghana              3-2 Tunisia         [aet]

       [Final tournament in Tunisia]

1968   Congo (Kinshasa)   1-0 Ghana

       [Final tournament in Ethiopia]

1970   Sudan              1-0 Ghana

       [Final tournament in Sudan]

1972   Congo (Brazzaville) 3-2 Mali

       [Final tournament in Cameroon]

1974   Zaire              2-2 Zambia          [aet]

 replay Zaire              2-0 Zambia

       [Final tournament in Egypt]

1976   Morocco            1-1 Guinea                    [group format]

       [Final tournament in Ethiopia]

1978   Ghana              2-0 Uganda

       [Final tournament in Ghana]

1980   Nigeria            3-0 Algeria

       [Final tournament in Nigeria]

1982   Ghana              1-1 Libya           [aet, 7-6 pen]

       [Final tournament in Libya]

1984   Cameroon           3-1 Nigeria

       [Final tournament in Ivory Coast]

1986   Egypt              0-0 Cameroon        [aet, 5-4 pen]

       [Final tournament in Egypt]

1988   Cameroon           1-0 Nigeria

       [Final tournament in Morocco]

1990   Algeria            1-0 Nigeria

       [Final tournament in Algeria]

1992   Ivory Coast        0-0 Ghana           [aet, 11-10 pen]

       [Final tournament in Senegal]

1994   Nigeria            2-1 Zambia

       [Final tournament in Tunisia]

1996   South Africa       2-0 Tunisia

       [Final tournament in South Africa]

1998   Egypt              2-0 South Africa

       [Final tournament in Burkina Faso]

2000   Cameroon           2-2 Nigeria         [aet, 4-3 pen]

       [Final tournament in Nigeria and Ghana]

2002   Cameroon           0-0 Senegal         [aet, 3-2 pen]

       [Final tournament in Mali]

2004   Tunisia            2-1 Morocco

       [Final tournament in Tunisia]

2006   Egypt              0-0 Ivory Coast     [aet, 4-2 pen]

       [Final tournament in Egypt]

2008   Egypt              1-0 Cameroon

       [Final tournament in Ghana]

2010   Egypt              1-0 Ghana      

       [Final tournament in Angola]

2012   Zambia             0-0 Ivory Coast     [aet, 8-7 pen]

       [Final tournament in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea]

2013   Nigeria            1-0 Burkina Faso

       [Final tournament in South Africa]

2015   Ivory Coast        0-0 Ghana           [aet, 9-8 pen]

       [Final tournament in Equatorial Guinea]

2017   Cameroon           2-1 Egypt

       [Final tournament in Gabon]

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