The four times Ballon d'Or winner shared a photo of himself in some Louis Vutton wear and apparently Hushhappi has a picture of the same design of dressing.

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Hushpuppi who was known for his luxurious lifestyle was arrested on 10th of June by the U.S FBI through the Dubai Police.

Below are some of the illegal activities Hushpuppi has allegedly been involved in

1. Fraud committed amount to 1.6 billion dirhams ($435,611,200)

2. Dubai police seized cash worth 150 million dirhams ($40,838,550) during raid.

3. 21 laptops

4. 47 smartphones

5. 15 flash drive

6. 5 hard disks

7. 1,926,400 victims defrauded

8. 13 exotic cars worth 25 million dirhams ($6,806,425) were also confiscated.