Portuguese skipper Cristiano Ronaldo has signed a four year deal with Juventus that will earn him €30,000,000 a year, according to Forbes Margazine.

The equivalent of his €6,239 every minute in the period he will feature for the Bianconeri

The 33 year after failing to get a new Real Madrid contract that would up his earnings at the club turned his attention to Juventus, where he feels welcomed at the moment.

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He has got an improved wages of €30,000,000 over the €24,000,000, he was taking at Madrid.

Here is the breakdown of his annual earning at Juventus

€30,000,000 A Year.

 €2,500,000 A Month.

 €625,000 A Week.

 €89,285 A Day.

 €3,720 An Hour.

 €6,239 A Minute.

 €103 A Second.