Africans who did not vote for Morocco in the World Cup bid

We look at African countries who did not want the 2026 World Cup on their own continent

We look at the list of Countries in Africa that preferred the World Cup being hosted in North America than in Morroco



Cape Verde Islands





Sierra Leone

South Africa


This will be the first time Canada will host the World and the second time they would probably partake in the tournament the country fails to represent in Qatar 2022.

United States will host the World Cup for the second time after the 1994 edition.

Mexico will host the rest of the world for the third time after doing so in 1970 and 1986.

This will be the 1 time three countries will co-host the global football tournament and that follows the first ever co-hosted World Cup with Japan/Korea in 2002.

The 2026 World Cup will also be the start of the expansion of countries participating in the World Cup from 32 to 48 countries.

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