Watch: This guy plays FIFA with his feet and is among the best in the world

Physically challenged Scottish gamer, James Toland, is quickly rising in the gaming ranks due to his unique style of playing.

Watch: This guy plays FIFA with his feet and is among the best in the world

Despite his condition – he suffers from TAR syndrome, a disorder that leads to being born with shorter hands – James plays with his feet.

Popularly known as Tolando 77 by his fans, James grips the controller between his feet and presses the buttons with his toes.

In a recent post on Twitter after qualifying to Division 1 in FIFA, he wrote: “I play football games the way it's supposed to be played... With my feet!!!!! Division 1!!!!!!!!!!”

James is unable to play with his hands, as many players usually do, but he’s still so good at FIFA with his feet.

Over the years, he has grown into one of the best players in the world and has beaten some of the best gamers as well.

In a 2020 interview with the Sun, he disclosed that he has never used special controllers despite his condition.

“Football is my passion in life. I was no Pele or Maradona on the football pitch at school, however I was really good at football computer games,” James said.

“I never used special controllers. I’ve only ever used the normal ones. Even back to the Sega Mega Drive days.”

The 31-year-old admitted that it’s weird when people find out that he plays with his feet, but says he enjoys winding his opponents up.

“I get the odd remark from people who will say they’ve been beaten again by a guy using his feet.

“Sometimes I get a bit cocky as I’ll be playing then I’ll take a drink of tea from a cup using my hands at the same time to wind up folk, but that’s just when I’m playing against friends and family,” he added.

James said he aims to make a career out of gaming and hopes to follow in the footsteps of US superstar Ninja, who continued gaming despite going blind in one eye.

Watch how James plays with his feet below:


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