Watch How Ghanaians feel about marrying someone with a child

Should marrying someone with a child from a previous relationship be a big deal? Some Ghanaians have been sharing their views with

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How Ghanaians feel about marrying someone with a child

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There is a saying that when you love somebody, it means loving everything about that person. Be it the parents, siblings and even his or her child from a previous relationship.

But when I asked a colleague recently whether he would marry someone with a child from a previous relationship, he was a bit skeptical.

From talking about the pros and cons of being in such a situation, he eventually settled on a final answer – He can’t marry a woman with a child. Why? - Because he is just not ready to carry the burden of another man’s child.

So what do Ghanaians make of this?

A taxi driver at East Legon American House tells that he will never marry someone with a child because he has already been in such a situation and he knows the repercussions.


“I can’t take care of someone’s child for him or her to take me as a fool later. He or she would definitely go and look for the father. So I will never endorse that,” he said in the local dialect, Twi.

His colleague, Appiah, agreed with him. Seated quietly under a tree at the taxi rank, he says “Women having children from previous relationships are usually humble when you marry them. But after taking care of their children in marriage, they show you a different character. “

But for Kwesi, marrying someone with a child is not bad. “Just imagine the person is a widow, so what will you do. You know, you just consider the person. Not even consider...the girl might be very beautiful, and yet she is “Born 1”. You understand, so you can go ahead and get married to her.”

play Maame


Maame Adwoa, a meat pie seller in Accra says she already has a child so marrying someone with a child should not be a big deal.

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NB: Names used were created for the purpose of the story.

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