This model-looking doctor has taken the definition of talent to the next level - Ghana Meet Kuwait’s Dr. Ali AlSaqoby

Despite being a man of incredible talents, he still decided to be the hardest worker in the room in order for his achievements be a source of inspiration for the youth, as he is today.

Dr. Ali AlSaqoby

Success is not in what you have, but who you really are. The great quote has added so much meaning to the life of numerous successful people.

Dr Ali Alsaqoby is one of those very few people in the world who has been blessed with all luxuries in his life and is one of the very few people who are ready to accept the fact that they are very privileged with talents. Despite being extremely talented he still decided to to be the hardest worker in the room in order for his achievements to overshadow any luxuries given to him since birth, and be a source of inspiration for the youth as he is today.

Dr Ali AlSaqoby is known to be a man of multiple talents, and with significant hard work and will to make his country proud, he managed to create a mark as a soccer freestyle athlete, dentist, author, entrepreneur, sports developer, and lifestyle influencer among many other fields that require full attention to manage, let alone create notable achievements within it.

What makes Dr. Ali AlSaqoby story compelling is the fact that the renowned Kuwaiti dentist is a fantastic soccer freestyler: a person who participates in a sport that focuses on soccer abilities and tricks. Ali’s football journey started while he was studying in school. It was really hard for him to sleep without playing for a single day. He has represented Kuwait in many soccer freestyle championships , and managed to pass the qualification round and rank as one of the top in the world at the Abu Dhabi world championships.

Due to his very well-known achievements as a doctor and his massive contribution toward uplifting the standard of football in Kuwait as a pioneer within the sport.

The World Football Freestyle Association has named Dr Ali AlSaqoby as the current president of football freestyle.

Needless to say, his accomplishments after being appointed to this position are continuously generating headlines, as he takes the Kuwaiti football freestyle movement to new heights.

As the president of the association, Dr Ali AlSaqoby is helping to grow the sport as an autonomous new sport by collaborating closely with the world federation of the sport. Many championships that were dormant have come to live since he was hold this position, a notable one was the one created by a famous energy drink in 2019. In addition to organizing it, he was also the head of the judging panel, selecting a champion to represent Kuwait in the world finals.

Not only is he a renowned athlete, he is a real-life genius. While many people would struggle to get into dentistry school, let alone complete it, Dr Ali AlSaqoby went above and beyond. He has always been really good in academics due to which he became a really favorable student for all the teachers in his school.

He was a scholarship student at one of England's premier colleges, where he juggled being an international soccer freestyle star with being a successful dental student. He graduated with degrees in Masters of Dental Surgery, Bachelors of Dental Surgery, and Bachelors of Science, as well as the distinguished distinction of "second-most gifted dental student" across the United Kingdom.

He won prizes while continuing to pursue his dream of becoming a world-class soccer freestyle player. He is a highly sought-after elite athlete who, despite his overwhelming academics, found time to tour the world and take part in world-class professional shows. A notable event was his flawless performance in EXPO Milan in which he was a hotspot of the world's largest EXPO, where thousands are coming to his performance venue at Kuwait pavilion, just to witness and capture his mesmerizing tricks and moves with the soccer ball.

He is one of the most followed dentists on social media. He is not only owed to being the most handsome dentist, but also to his inspirational story and tremendous achievements across many fields. With all the success and fame at such a young age, he believes in giving back to the world in every way possible. His aim is to keep growing and do good for the people of Kuwait and his worldwide audience. He advocates for healthy lifestyle and awareness, while making sure he delivers advice as an influential figure in a unique way to help others unlock their potential and achieve significantly.


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