This 16-year-old Ghanaian makes millions from bitcoin

The young Ghanaian has raised over $40 million in sales after setting up a blockchain business in 2017

The 19-year-old is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Token Media, a cryptocurrency marketing firm he set up in 2017. The firm, according to, has helped raise over $40 million in token sales through its marketing services.

Elisha’s technology life began at 12 after he received a mobile device that could access the internet. He managed to create a website all by himself.

One of his first inventions was building a commercial blog for Firefox OS, Mozilla’s mobile operating system ( He spoke to Face2face Africa.

Later, he ventured into other areas in technology before landing into cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and Bitcoin.

“I got into the tech space sometime in 2013. I had my second phone after using a Nokia 3310 so I got access to the internet and began to explore what mobile phones, operating systems and websites were all about and in 2014 I learned how to create websites on my own through YouTube,” he said. “The future of cryptocurrencies in Africa is bright as it has moved from just being currencies into various useful platforms that will be essential to the African continent. I’m currently working on putting together an event on cryptocurrencies with a particular focus on regulations, the future of cryptocurrencies and how they can help Africa,” he added.Ghana hosted her first blockchain conference last November.


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