IMF boss lauds the use of drones for essential medical supplies

IMF boss Christine Lagarde
  • The IMF boss said the Rwandan government has done well by using drones to supply medical essential
  • Mrs Christine Lagarde called on other African countries to emulate Rwanda
  • Her comment is coming at a time when a section of Ghanaians are against the country's drone deal with Zipline

The Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Mrs Christine Lagarde, has applauded the Rwandan government for its decision to use drones to supply blood and other medical essentials to citizens in remote areas.

Mrs Lagarde was speaking at the IMF-organised Conference on “The Future of Work in Sub-Saharan Africa” in Accra, Ghana.

She said that other sub-Saharan African countries must take advantage of the fourth Industrial Revolution, which is being fueled by technology.

She indicated further that African countries must resort to the application of technology to create jobs and solve their challenges because of the impending population explosion in Africa, which is expected to make the continent the most populous in the next 30 years.


The IMF boss praised Ghana’s Farmerline, which helps farmers to grow more and earn more on their produce, and Zipline in Rwanda, which uses the drone technology to complement the country’s health delivery system.

“Sub-Saharan Africa successfully harnesses new technologies and creates an emerging vibrant middle class. Right here in Ghana, is Farmerline, an innovative agrotech company. It is not only happening in Ghana, and it is not only happening in agriculture. Look for instance at Zipline in Rwanda, which uses drones to deliver blood and medical supplies to remote health facilities.”

Mrs Lagarde’s comment is coming at a time when the Minority in Ghana’s Parliament and some Ghanaians have opposed the government’s plan to employ similar drone technology to supply emergency medical supplies and blood to remote communities.

Hopefully, this international acknowledgment on the need to use technology to save lives even in remote areas should put to rest the arguments on the drone deal in Ghana.


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