Acquiring a plush apartment in Ghana demands quite a deep pocket especially when the location is one of the most sought after.

East Legon is one the neighbourhoods in Accra which can boast of gorgeous homes that include state-of-the-art-apartments and impressive mansions.

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These East Legon homes listed on MeQasa are getting Ghanaians talking.

This executive 9 bedrooms house with 7 bedroom outhouse for sale at $ 2,200,000

This Arabian inspired architecture contains 6 bedrooms and it is on sale for $2,000,000.

It costs $1,800,000 to be the next owner of this alluring ultra-modern 4 bedroom house.

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Almost all finishes in this house are to a high standard and include gypsum finish ceilings, tiled finish over cement, marble flooring and porcelain flooring. This 5 bedroom house is going for $1,650,000!

This is a nice 5 bedroom house with a servants quarters going for $ 1,800,000.

The Greek Revival was an architectural movement of the late 18th century. You will have to pay $1,400,000 to own this house.

This $1,400,000 building has a very modern design, very chic and upscale for the perfect luxury lifestyle.

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With $1,300,000, you could own this building in one of Ghana’s most prestigious address.

If you love space, gardens, enough rooms, then make sure you save $1,300,000 to own this property.