Valentine’s Day is that love moment when you expect your partner to shower you with the best of gifts and give you the best love experience.

Many have been wowed by gifts from the partners but others have totally been put off by presents sent them by their lovers on Valentine’s Day.

What gift can put off the love torch on a night that is supposed to be a love stirring moment?

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We compile a list of some of the gift ideas to cross out in your choice.

What you bought her last year

The rule of thumb for deciding what gift to get someone on an annual celebration is to avoid getting the person what you got him or her the previous year.  Always remember that monotony kills the excitement. Avoid it!

Virtual messages

As much as possible, as depends on you, stay clear off virtual messages as your only means of celebrating the day with your love partner. I repeat, never rely on WhatsApp messages as the only Val’s Day ‘gift’ to your lover.

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Again, as a general rule, even if your partner accepts undies from you as a gift, please do not present one as a Valentine’s Day. Especially if you are not married, many consider such gifts as amorous.

Edibles and disposables

Valentine's Day gifts should serve as a love memorial for years. Therefore, settling for edibles or gifts that are perishable should be off your gift list.

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Gift basket

Gift baskets usually expose the cluelessness of the presenter and Valentine’s Day is not a day for such exposures. Presenting an array of gifts creates the impression that you do not know your partner very well. At all cost, avoid a gift basket.

A single ticket for a love event

Presenting a single ticket to your lover because you won a raffle and will want him or her to rather enjoy alone is a big “no”. The ideal alternative is to sell the ticket and organize something befitting for the two of you.

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A soon-to-expire gift voucher

The worst was saved for last. Friends, avoid cheap gift vouchers, especially those with expiry dates. Such vouchers put undue pressure on the receiver to redeem them, which usually doesn’t go, down well.