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Lifestyle Senegalese group protests against Rihanna's visit

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Pop star Rihanna is due to appear at a high-level summit in Senegal tomorrow but a religious association have declared her unwanted.

American pop star Rihanna has been reportedly declared persona non grata by religious groups in Senegal.

The Barbadian pop star is scheduled to be in Senegal on Friday to appear at a high-level summit in Dakar but religious group called "No to Freemasonry and homosexuality" are protesting her visit.

According to Jeune Afrique ,the "No to Freemasonry and homosexuality" made up of around 30 religious groups suspect the pop star of belonging to the Illuminati, according to Jeune Afrique.

These claims although dismissed by Rihanna's team years ago still sit in the minds of people.

In case you have never stumbled into that particular weird corner of the internet, the Illuminati are believed to be a group of powerful people who have the ability to influence and control all aspects of society around the globe.

Quite what Rihanna has done to demonstrate she is a part of this clan isn't obvious, but Newsweek reports that it might be because of a shot in the video for her song 'S&M', where she holds up a newspaper with the headline "Princess of the Illuminati."

In addition, there has been a long-standing theory that stars like Rihanna, Jay-Z and Beyoncé are established members of the Illuminati members due to the heavy use of triangles – a symbol of the Illuminati – in their marketing.

Rihanna will be visiting the West African nation in her role as an ambassador for the Global Partnership for Education (GPE).


She is supposed to attend the funding conference of the Global Partnership for Education - which will be co-chaired by President Macky Sall and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron - in Dakar.

The organization aims to help fund the teaching of millions of children and young people in developing countries.