The 28 year old Italian right wing extremist who shot six Africans in Central Italy has shown no remorse according to Italian law enforcement officials.

Five men and a woman from Nigeria, Ghana,Gambia and Mali were shot on Saturday in the Italian city of Macerata by Luca Traini in a two hour  drive by rampage.

According to Italy’s ANSA news agency, Traini who was a losing candidate in local elections in 2017 for an anti immigrant party known as the Northern League had Hitler’s seminal Mein Kampf and other Nazi related literature.

One of the people wounded on Saturday, a 29-year-old woman identified only as Jennifer, told Italian daily newspaper La Stampa from her hospital bed that she no longer feels free to walk around the city "with peace of mind".

"I never hurt anyone. I was talking and laughing with three other people" when she was struck by the bullet, she told the Turin-based newspaper.

One of the six victims was treated and released on Saturday. The remaining patients were all in stable condition, with one in intensive care and Jennifer facing surgery on her shoulder, doctors said on Sunday.

Her boyfriend told La Repubblica they were waiting at a bus station when he saw a man pointing something at them from a black car. He realized then that it was a gun.

"I gave Jennifer a push to get her out of the way and threw myself down. And I heard a shot: Boom!" said Ogie Igbinowania.

Jennifer told the newspaper she arrived in Italy seven months ago and joined her boyfriend in Macerata.

"I have always been comfortable here. People are friendly. I don't know why that guy fired at us," she said.

A Nigerian community leader in Macerata, Sammy Kunoun, said he heard the shots as he was going to meet with cultural mediators about organizing a sit-in to support Mastropietro's family. They called off the event after the shootings for fear of further racist attacks.

"Now, we are all victims in this story," said Kunoun, adding that the immigrant community has been well-integrated in Macerata. Official statistics put the population of foreigners in the city at 9.2% of the 43 000 residents.