3 African footballers inspired by Goerge Weah’s victory to join politics

This means Africa is likely going to have more footballer presidents in the nearest future.

Weah had actually called on Didier Drogba in a tweet to consider serving his people. “Follow the same path,” Weah passed (a message) to Drogba

A translation of which is: “Thanks Didier for the support, we are both conscious and aware of the fate of our people. Follow the same path.”

Looking at the turn of events with the Weah’s victory in 2017, here are 3 African ex-footballers that might take a shot at becoming the president of their respective country.


1. Didier Drogba

Aside from George Weah's call, there are signals that the former Chelsea star is likely going to take a shot at becoming president one day.

He was pivotal in the return of peace to the country after the 2006 civil war. This was a war triggered by the refusal of President Laurent Gbagbo to vacate office after losing to Alassane Ouattara.

He told BBC News service in 2011about the dream he had for his country.

"I hope that in a few years' time people from north from south - from all the different places - they will be able to sit together and say sorry," he said.


"You've got to make people understand that this country is better when there's peace, this country is better when we forgive. I want to go back and I want my kids as well to go back and live in Ivory Coast."

Looking at this, Drogba might be gunning for a major political position in the country.

2. Samuel Eto’o

In mid-2017, it was rumoured that Samuel Eto’o will be challenging president Paul Biya in the 2018presidential election in Cameroon. Even if Eto’o might not be gunning for the president’s seat, his interest in politics has already been established.

According to reports in Arreyb, Eto'o first disclosed he will be joining politics through his reply to a Georges Weah’s tweet. The second time was an exclusive by Malitribune and it reported that Eto’o has always loved politics since childhood.


“The former FC Barcelona player said he had always dreamed of doing politics, but he was waiting … Well, it seems that the long-awaited moment is finally here!

3. El Hadji Diouf

El Hadji Diouf will be drawing on George Weah’s victory as he planned to contest for the presidential race in Senegal. The former Liverpool star told an Accra based media outfit, Class FM, about this political move.

“I am looking after myself and my family. For many years I use to think about football but I have a new career and it is a political career,” he said.

“I have taken the decision to do politics because I have people waiting for me to change things in my country and I am ready to do that because I want to be the solider of the youngsters.”


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