5 African countries with youngest populations, but are ruled by old leaders

Majority of leaders in the continent are above 50 years.

The yearning for generational change seems to have no impacted on the political structure of these countries. Although, 3 of these five countries are being ruled by leaders who are not willing to relinquish power. While one (Nigeria) of the two democratic regimes among them elected a 72-year old man as president in 2015. Based on the narration that he is the saviour needed by the country.

A narration common with dictators ruling these countries  -  Cameroon, Congo, South Sudan, Gabon, Mali, Togo, and Zimbabwe.

With Africa’s youths pushing for more inclusion in governance, here are five countries where generational shifts are most needed in 2018. Especially as the majority of them would be going to the poll this year.


1. Cameroon

Cameroon is one of the countries in Africa where a change of leader and youth inclusion in governance are most needed. The country is being ruled by Paul Biya (84 years old ), and he has been in power for about  35 years. More so, he is seeking re-election for the sixth term in 2018.

The median age of Cameroonian population is 18.5 years. Therefore, making the age gap between the country’s leader and subject to be 65.5 years – highest in the continent.

2. Uganda


President Museveni is currently age 73 years, and he has been in power for such as a long time (since 1986).

The average age of Ugandans is 15.5 years, thus creating a gap of 57.5 years between the leader and median age of his subjects. More so, the situation is not expected to improve soon as the age limit in the country’s constitution has just been removed in 2017.

This means Museveni would be running for another term by 2022.

3. Nigeria

President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria is 75 years old, and he is considering seeking re-election in 2019. Going by the median age (18.4 years) of people in the country, there is a gap of 56.6 years between Buhari and the people.


This is not a surprise as the youth leader of Nigeria’s ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) is 56 years.

4. The Niger Republic

President Mahamadou Issoufou is currently 67 years old and assumed the position of authority in 2011. The average age of the French-speaking country is 15 year, making it one of the youngest in the continent.

Going by this, the gap between Issoufou and middle age of people of the Niger Republic is 52 years.

5. Kenya


Kenya has one of the youngest democratically elected leader in the continent. At present, President Uhuru Kenyatta is 56 years while the median age of the East African country is 19.7 years.

This creates a gap of 36.3 years between the leader and middle age of his subjects.


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