The US embassy just clarified controversies surrounding its military defence pact with Ghana after protests in Accra

The U.S. Embassy underscores that the United States has not requested, nor does it intend to request, the establishment of a military base in Ghana or the permanent presence of U.S. troops in Ghana.

The embassy says it is rather seeking a joint security exercise with Ghana which will allow US military get access to Ghana’s military facilities.

Ghanaians have expressed shock over a confidential document indicating that cabinet had approved a Memorandum of Understanding for defence cooperation with the United States of America.

Scores of discontent Ghanaians today 28th March hit the principal streets of Ghana's capital, Accra to protest the controversial defence pact between Ghana and the United States.

This the U.S. Embassy has released a statement saying reports alleging a permanent US military base in Ghana are inaccurate and misleading.

The Defense Cooperation Agreement (DCA) between the governments of the United States of America and the Republic of Ghana is not a base agreement, the embassy clarified.

It further explained "it is the legal framework to govern the ongoing security cooperation between our two sovereign countries; our security cooperation spans more than 20 years and has included numerous bilateral and multilateral training activities in Ghana.The United States has a significant number of DCAs with countries around the world, including European, Asian and African partners".

The statement also said the pact does not give the U.S. military the right to enter Ghana without permission from the Government of Ghana.

Instead, the DCA addresses the rights and responsibilities of both nations when the U.S. military is present in Ghana, with permission from the Government of Ghana, and for purposes that the Government of Ghana decides are appropriate.

Furthermore, the principle of reciprocity observed between our two nations applies to provisions such as immunity and shipments.

By establishing this expanded legal framework between our two countries, we underscore our respect for Ghana’s sovereignty as we seek to strengthen our cooperation on regional and global issues.


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