Do clients consume more data on 4G?

The 4G+ service runs on 4G LTE Advanced technology using the combination of the 800MHz and 2600MHz for carrier aggregation which is an enhancement on the 4G LTE experience.

4G net

This provides more capacity and enhanced data speed of up to 20x if migrating from 3G to 4G+ and 5x if migrating from 4G to 4G+.

Currently, in Ghana, only customers of MTN and Vodafone will have access to the 4G LTE services.

Many people have wondered if a 4G LTE experience means the use of more data. 

4G or Fourth-Generation networks are designed to fast track improved wireless capabilities, speeds, and visual technologies. As technology, continues to develop with every passing day, customers desire faster speeds to do so many things within short periods. 


4G is of better quality than 3G. 

This means if for example, it takes about 3 minutes to download a file of say 100MB, 4G can do that in seconds. 

This means that due to the fast experience of the 4G, chances are that because of its speed, a customer will want to use more data and, consequently, that will hit their allowance faster than 3G.

The great thing about this is that the technology allows you to do more within short periods of time and at a much smoother level of experience than 3G. Behaviourally, customers are more likely to latch onto increased usage than the experience of 3G and that is why one is likely to consume more data.

It has been proven by psychologists that activity increases when the experience is smoother and more enjoyable. It is the same thing with new and improved technologies like 4G. The more reliable and faster it is, the greater the likelihood of more browsing, streaming, and downloads.


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