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Tragedy Deadly gas explosion shakes Accra - fleeing residents hit by van

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Frightened residents and vendors around the area of explosion fled in every direction and some of them got hit by a van

play The morning after the gas explosion (Business Insider Sub Saharan Africa)

Atomic Junction; a suburb of the capital city of Ghana; Accra has been hit by an explosion from a petrol station stretching hundreds of feet into the air.

Gasoline at the petrol station ignited in an explosion and sent the fireball skywards.

The explosion which occurred yesterday saw every Tom, Dick and Harry running for their lives.

play Vendors run away leaving their items behind (Business Insider Sub Saharan Africa)


Frightened residents and vendors around the area fled in every direction. Unfortunately, three fleeing residents were met with a horrifying incident.

They were struck by a van as they fled the scene, with police moving quickly to seize the driver.

play Driver who was driving at top speed, knocked down residents (Facebook / Joy FM)


According to an eyewitness who spoke to Business Insider Sub Saharan Africa, the blast occurred at around 7.30 pm on Saturday, October 7 at Atomic Junction in the northern suburb of the city.

It began at a station that sells liquefied natural gas and spread to a petrol station across the street, he added.