China shows confidence in Nigeria’s new president via business plans

Bola Tinubu [Twitter/@mzk11uk]
  • President Xi Jinping of China commits to enhancing economic relations with Nigeria, recognizing its significance in Africa and globally. 
  • President Bola Tinubu meets with China's special envoy, Peng Qinghua, and discusses areas of cooperation and mutual benefit in trade, investment, and infrastructure development.
  • President Tinubu emphasizes Nigeria's willingness to engage in honest business and promote democratic values, while remaining non-aligned, signaling the country's commitment to economic growth, security, and regional stability.

The president of China, Xi Jinping, has promised to strengthen economic ties with Nigeria, citing Nigeria's significance to both Africa and the globe.

President Bola Tinubu met with Peng Qinghua, the People's Republic of China's special envoy and vice chairwoman of the standing committee of the National People's Congress (NPC), on Wednesday at the State House in Abuja, as seen in a report by The Cable Nigeria, a Nigerian news publication.

Zhang Yi, a minister-counselor, and Cui Jinachun, the nation's ambassador to Nigeria, were part of the Chinese group.

He said that Chinese businesses were succeeding in Nigeria in the fields of free trade zones, hydropower, and highways. The Chinese ambassador praised Tinubu's strategy for taking Nigeria into a new age of economic growth and prosperity but noted areas in which Nigeria could gain from China.


He urged the president to also improve the climate for investment as he urged the two nations to exchange ideas and synchronize their goals.

In response, Tinubu stated that Nigeria was open to trade and cooperative partnerships and would do business with any nation willing to do so. He said that his government will try to encourage business accessibility.

“We need accelerated growth and we are ready to do business honestly with those ready to do business with us,” Tinubu was quoted as saying.

“We will continue to work to promote democracy in the West African sub-region. I’m a product of democracy and shall work day and night to advance democracy. We will fight terrorism and all forms of criminality. We can learn from each other, but we will remain non-aligned,” the president added.


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