Kreek Africa leads Africa’s workforce evolution

Now more than ever, companies are incentivized to stay small and agile.

Kreek Africa leads Africa’s workforce evolution

Seeking specialized outsourced service providers in place of permanent staff has become the go-to module for businesses looking to cut down operational costs. It has led to a surge in many companies running their operations with global teams of freelancers who are readily available to jump right in to deliver on project needs. This working concept may be new to the African continent, but Africa’s workforce is catching on due to the rise in unemployment on the continent.

Unemployment in Africa is a problem that the continent struggles to solve. With a rapidly growing, predominantly youthful population with no signs of decline, Africa’s employment problems seem to increase alongside.

The African workforce is faced with various challenges from insufficient job opportunities in the region to accommodate the numbers to the global economic and financial crisis. Since 2012, the unemployment rate has seen no improvement. One in five youths is jobless, uneducated, or untrained as of 2019. There is also an expected marginal rise in the statistic by 0.3% to 20.8% in 2021. However, compared to global statistics, the African workforce is resilient and proactive. So, despite the discouraging numbers, there is an opportunity to change the narrative, and it starts with Kreek Africa. is an online marketplace that showcases the skills of Africa’s workforce whilst providing a central hub for businesses across the world to source for talent for various projects.

This initiative seeks to showcase and utilize the abundant human resource the continent has to its full potential by filling the employment gap caused by the many issues the traditional structure presents. The platform operates on a model that has been successful in the West but is unique in that it prioritizes African skills and talent as well as the challenges the workforce faces, including discrimination. Also, the Covid-19 pandemic has left a dent in the world economy due to the disruption in business operations, leading to job losses. Kreek Africa has come at the right time to offer an alternative source of income for freelancers whiles paving the way for a smart new way of doing business. Besides the economic downturns, employees of the future are craving more agility and freedom to explore their potentials. This means that the restricting nature of the traditional work environment might stifle career growth and development. Therefore, offers flexibility and the opportunity for this group to gain practical and diverse experience in their various fields. Kreek Africa brings a whole new meaning to the gig economy by creating a well-organized system for Africa to optimize its human resources, a move that benefits the continent immensely.

One of the reasons why the unemployment rate is slightly lower in Africa than in other parts of the world is the robust informal sector. The African workforce tries to solve the issue of the mismatch of labor supply and demand by engaging in other employment options, particularly self-employment and freelancing. The sector is the largest employer of the continent's workforce, including the low skilled and the youth. In Sub-Saharan Africa, this sector constitutes 34% of the global economy, according to the IMF, and is responsible for 30% to 90% of non-agricultural employment in Africa, indicating the need for strategic systems and initiatives that could revolutionize the way of work in the region. The rise in the use of technology and access to resources for learning new skills, especially among the youth is a driver for the growth of Africa's informal sector. With the youthful demographic expected to constitute about 60% of the workforce by 2030, there are conducive conditions for development and hence economic growth.

The African workforce has come a long way, but there is still an opportunity for more growth. With initiatives platforms like in the picture, this evolution has a clear future.

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