Christianity is not stupidity.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen, Hebrews 11:1 from the ultimate guide of Christianity, the Bible says.

This very sentence is the epitome of achieving greatness from a true believer. After all, if there is no faith, what is the essence of Christianity in the first place? No living soul on planet earth at the moment saw Jesus Christ. So faith, right?

For a world that is filled with enormous peaks of suffering, something to hold on to is quite an irresistible sentiment shared by many. Religion can come in handy. For a devoted Christian or Muslim, saying a word of prayer in times of trouble ignites the ripple effect of oozing calmness and peace.


No matter what a person believes in, the thought that their deity has heard them and is working for their good could be the best feeling of hope ever thus the emergence of some individuals and leaders who are supposedly the fastest ways of getting these messages across.

There are fetish priests who perform the rights on behalf of their respective believers, there are Sheiks and there are pastors.

The emergence of pastors, for the purpose of this article, has sprung to its apex and every one of them has sworn to be sitting at Jesus Christ’s right hand on the throne. Christians can relate.

For the very reason though, the ultimate guide book of Christians, the Bible warned in Matthew 24:11:

“And many false prophets, shall rise and shall deceive many.”

Matthew 7:15 also stresses:

“Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”

However another quote from the Bible to prevent judgemental entities as Christians seek to love one another is used as the defensive mechanism for the series pastors springing up.

Psalm 105:15 says, “Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.”

Since there is no scientific way show God’s anointed, many Christians play the safe card of keeping mute when they could actually speak.

The act of consultation that comes with a fee

Forget the safe card, Jesus Christ showed dozens a many ways his followers should be.

There was no record whatsoever in the account of Jesus Christ’s life where he asked for a he-goat before followers seeking his help could enter his superfluously luxurious office.

And He, was the son of God. Like sitting on the right hand side of his Father.


Pastors in recent times have made it an unrepeated rule to pay a whooping sum of consultation fee before members needing help to access Jesus Christ and God on a speed dial can have a few minutes with the ‘mediator’.

The absurd twist to the act of consultation with a fee is how pastors have made their ‘clients’ believe that their quota of contribution is directly proportional to the speed of their petition getting to God and his son Jesus Christ.

Ranging from a minimum of GHC50 to how far you can go depending on your financial capabilities and the emergency of your situation, the extortion from pastors is outrageous.

The true high priests

There are the less privileged in every society, same goes for ones in institutions. So no matter how well-made some members of a church are, there are the ones who will need a helping hand as they try to lift themselves up.

But here are the true high priests, whose shoes the less privileged members of the church can’t afford to clean. Like literally. They just can’t afford the type of shoe polish needed to clean these shoes.

The act of Christianity has been one filled with the glorious share of love and kindness. Jesus Christ had the power to multiply a few loaves of bread and fishes to feed 5000s.

However power powerful these pastors claim they are, the world is yet to see some form of turning water into wine kind of stuff.

They do however have something. Loads of cash. And going by the true Christian ways, lifting some less privileged members up without having to take their little as consultation could be a good start.

Some of them do this, the debate will be a never ending one.

But the high life of these pastors is one that is mind boggling considering the very poor state of some people who consult them for help and hope for the future.


The ambitions and hope of some needy wanders looking for something to hold on to are sometimes within the means and reach of these pastors, who ironically turn their back to squeeze the little out of their poor souls.

If the pastors claim they do give, then it’s not enough.

For what shall it profit a man of God showing people the way to the light, if they gain all the luxurious houses, sleep in the mansions and lose the point of giving in Christianity?

From the well knitted suits to the gold watches with a touch of diamond, these are the true high priest who live the high life.

The stupidity quotient

This is the hard part. An in fact, the truth is hard to take.

The majority of the very people acting as ‘clients’ to these pastors have disowned the very act of common sense in their judgements. And again, the majority, not all.

For a generation that has proven to vigorously challenge and dissect every bit of information received, it is quite disheartening to know how they succumb to those from the pastors, prophets, and ‘Papas’ with the same though of analysis.

The world has turned their back on stupidity when it comes to Christianity. But let’s face the fact that Christianity is not stupidity.

It is hard. It is sad.

But Christ in us, the hope of glory. Right?

Matthew 11:15

He who has ears to hear, let him hear.