All you need to know about Dr. Butakor, the UG lecturer in the #SexForGrades exposé

The most trending issue currently is undoubtedly the BBC’s exposé titled ‘Sex for Grades’, which captures some prominent lecturers in Ghana and Nigeria.

Dr Paul Kwame Butakor

The undercover work documents a series of alleged sexual harassment by senior lecturers in some of West Africa’s premier universities.

One of the persons caught up in the exposé is Dr Paul Kwame Butakor, a lecturer at the University of Ghana.

Dr. Butakor was captured making advances at a lady who posed as a final year student interested in doing a Master’s Degree.

“You look mmmuaa! How many guys have told you, you’re beautiful today?” he said in the video.

He then repeatedly asked if he could be the lady’s ‘side guy’, explaining the concept to her as a second boyfriend.

Here’s all you need to know about Dr. Butakor, according to the University of Ghana’s website:

Prior to his lectureship appointment at the University of Ghana, Dr. Butakor worked as a research assistant for statistical analyses in Big Data Learning Analytics at the Athabasca University, Canada.

While studying for his PhD, he worked as a graduate teaching and research assistant at the University of Alberta, Canada for three years. Dr. Butakor also worked as a statistics and research methodology consultant at the centre for research in applied measurement and evaluation (CRAME) at the University of Alberta.

Dr. Butakor holds a PhD (Measurement, Evaluation and Cognition) from the University of Alberta, Canada, MSc. Educational Sciences from the University of Groningen, Netherlands and a Bachelor of Education (Mathematics and Statistics) from the University of Cape Coast. He also holds a post-graduate certificate in Business Administration from the Ghana Institute for Management and Public Administration.

Dr. Butakor’s publications under review include:

Butakor, P. K. (2016). The Role of Formative Feedback in Promoting Higher Order Thinking skills in Classrooms: A Theoretical Model. African Research Review, 10(5) 147 - 160.

Butakor, P. K., (2016). Hierarchical linear modeling of the relationship between attitudinal and instructional variables and mathematics achievement. International Journal of Research in Education Methodology 7(5) 1328- 1336.

Butakor, P. K., (2015). A comparison of DIF detection and effect size measures among Mantel-Haenzel, SIBTEST, and Logistic regression using a science test data. African Journal of Science and Research, 4(2) 12 – 15.

Khemba, J., and Butakor, P. K., (Under review). Hierarchical linear modeling analysis of ecological predictors of refugee students’ academic achievement in Kenyan primary schools. Manuscript submitted for publication.

Butakor, P. K., Ampadu, E., & Cole, Y. (under review). Factors influencing educational quality and effectiveness in Ghana: Insights and lessons from TIMSS 2011. Manuscript submitted for publication.

Butakor, P. K. & Nyarko, K. (2017). The home environment as a predictor of mathematics achievement in Ghana. International Journal of Research Studies in Education 7(1)

Ampadu, E., Butakor, P. K. & Cole, Y. (2017). Working together to improve the quality of Mathematics Education and Students achievements: Exploring the views of Ghanaian parents. African Research Review, 11 (1) 11 - 27.


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