Brigadier General Nunoo Mensah has added his voice to calls for former President John Mahama to pull out from the National Democratic Congress (NDC) presidential race.


Speaking on Takoradi-based Radio 360, the former Security adviser under the Mills administration said he backs Mr Yankah's call for the ex-president not to run again form president.

“I support Kojo Yankah 101 percent in advising former President Mahama not to run again, his supporters can attack me also like they are doing to Kojo Yankah," he said.

"How do you replace me; someone who trained at Sandhurst with Baba Kamara because you say I speak the truth? So if President Mills chose me as the first of appointees for telling the truth, I will never lie in my life, I have never lied in my life," he added.

Former President Mahama has officially serviced notice that he will contest for the party's presidential race to lead the party into the 2020 elections.

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Many political analysts have predicted that he will the race with ease but are quite sceptical about his chances in the 2020 polls.