These musicians should be the actual stars in the Ghanaian music scene

See below 7 rappers who for some reasons are always excluded from the best Ghanaian rapper’s list.

But, do we have to blame anyone?

The answer is no! Because every week comes with a new rapper alongside jams filled with unremarkable bars.

This makes it very hard to keep up with all the new artistes and record releases. However, there are some slept on rappers who deserve props for their endless efforts in the Ghana rap business.


1. Eno Barony

She’s Ghana version of Remy Ma or Nicki Minaj but hardly will you hear Eno’s records on the airwaves. The rapper has been in the game for years and can be said to be one of the most consistent female rapper thus far on the Ghanaian music.

Eno had been in the game for almost half a decade but made slight airplay nearly 5 years ago when she refixed Joey B’s breakthrough single “Tonga” and eventually captured the hearts of some rap music lovers.

But, despite her perfect rhymes, punchlines, bars, delivery and what have you, the 2MG Music label artiste has been sidelined for a long time.

2. Cabum


He is the composition of everything rap. Cabum is not just a rapper – he’s one of the best Hip-hop/Trap and Afrobeats producers of recent time.

He gained a reputation for his aggressive physicality, increasingly dexterous narrative and flair in his records.

His recent project, “The Beginning” album, is a cohesive Hiplife and Hip-hop monster that should suits both the old rap lovers and the millennials.

But even though he has had a couple of hit singles, Cabum is yet to capture the entire nation. This could be as a result of his failure to release trend-filled records and doing away with his hardcore records.

3. Gemini Orleans


No amount of words can describe this Hip-hop genius’ virtuosity. His style of delivery can be compared to none in Ghana because it’s honesty sui generis.

Gemini has come from afar – breaking barriers and managing to hover under the radar. His never-ending rhymes, breathtaking punchlines, cracking delivery and elusive bars makes me wonder why he has been slept on.

Like I stated earlier, no one can be blamed for being underrated. He might be struggling to capture the hearts of the nation due to his inability to switch the hardcore rap to Trap -- the most patronised genre today.

4. Maccasio

He is one of the most underrated rappers here in Accra – the centre of showbiz in Ghana. But, in his ancestry home, Tamale, he is one of the most respected rappers.


Maccasio made strides last year but yet to gain the props he deserves. He might sound wack due to the way he blends his mother tongue, Dagomba with English or Pidgin, but trust me, he is one of the best.

He might sound like French Montana but his meticulous delivery and in-depth knowledge about Hip-hop makes him one of the best.

However, I believe he has been slept on due to his language or his style of delivery.

5. D-Black

He has been ridiculed, insulted (and I know people will still insult him on this article) and slept on for a long time but it’s time people realise that his consistency isn’t just about collaborations.


Most people describe the Black Avenue Muzik label boss’ delivery as ‘boring’ but have forgotten about his perfect rhyme schemes and trend-based lyricisms.

Even Jay Z gets boring sometimes, to me.

From “Vera” to his recent “Bottles”, D-Black hasn’t failed to impress. Ask yourself why he won a lyrical war with Wanlov the Kubolor.

Maybe, when he switches from 'slow' to 'fast' delivery, things might turn around.

6. Medikal


He has been ridiculed and subjected to constant trolls but some Ghanaians seem to get him wrong. He has been constantly jabbed in his face and ridiculed on Twitter for targeting the millennial instead of the people in their 90s.

Medikal is not the Obrafuor-type-of-rapper but has managed to pull strings with his mumble or some sort of ‘flexible’ delivery.

One thing most Ghanaian rap lovers hate is change and adapting to new trends. They always want you to sound like the old rappers – they don’t want a change.

7. Ohemaa Dadao

The self-acclaimed ‘Queen of Ghana rap’ has been slept on for years. Bloggers/journalists, DJs, presenters and industry gurus have failed to give her the needed attention because they’ve failed to see her talent.


An aggressive and dexterous femcee, Ohemaa Dadoa can tear most top male rappers in pieces should a rap battle be held.

While her coevals try to sugarcoat and create a facade through braggadocio, Ohemaa spits raw bars and condones no lies. This is another reason she’s different from the others.

But, to arrest the masses, Ohemaa needs to break it down to the level of common people.


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