Organisers of Let My Vote Count can now go ahead and picket at the Electoral commission for their planned demonstration on September 29, 2015. This is because an Accra circuit court, per its ruling has given them clearance to do so.

According to the court, the exparte  injunction secured by the Police had elapsed its 10 day lawful existence, hence the green light for organizers of the demonstration to picket around  the EC.

Organizers of the 'Let My Vote Count Alliance' had earlier on filed a motion to set aside an order instituted by the police to restrain them from picketing at the Electoral Commission, but the court on Monday said that it cannot grant the permission of the police because the motion has expired.

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This comes on the back of plans by the LMVCA's decision to stage a second demonstration to press home demands for a new Voter's Register for the 2016 elections, after an audit conducted by the New Patriotic Party allegedly revealed names of foreigners from neighbouring countries in the register.

Convener of the Alliance, David Asante had earlier on indicated their decision to drag the police and attorney general to court is a pure legitimate act of determination by the group to ensure that their constitutional right is protected.

"Our decision to challenge the injunction as secured by the police is not in any case an act of intransigence. We believe the police as it were just needs the legal backing of the court to stop us from accessing the premises of the EC. We also believe it is only the court that can give us the absolute backing to set aside the orders of the police", he added.