10 best Ghanaian music albums of 2017

Pulse Ghana’s entertainment editor, David Mawuli, picks 10 best music collections of the year 2017.

Pulse Ghana’s entertainment editor, David Mawuli, picks 10 best music collections of the year 2017.

Please note that the list is in no order. Also, the list doesn’t include mixtapes or EPs.


1. “Unveiling” by Becca

In an era where social media is influencing everything, feminism gaining a strong ground in every society and relationships getting more complicated, Becca tries to balance all of them with both her old and new collections called “Unveiling”.

There’s nothing extraordinary about the album. However, one thing makes the album stand out – it arrived at the right era, at the right.

2. “Highest” by Sarkodie

Sarkodie has been fighting his guilty conscience for a while now and “Highest” is just a proof. The lyrical bulldozer goes back to the basics on his 5th studio project and finds peace at last.


“Highest” is a collection of sounds of fear and unassertiveness, and amidst this, glory was at the corner applauding Sarkodie for a bold comeback into the rap kingdom.

3. “Disturbation” by Medikal

It’s uncertain if Medikal has the intention of beating the odds with “Disturbation” but it’s safe to say he’s earned the title of one of the pillars of Ghana’s new school rap.

His firm, convincing lyrical prowess and the ability to break boundaries with millennial-ideology-filled verses is a proof that Medikal’s mastery has shot to the sky.

4. “Mature by Nature” by Magnom


Henceforth, Ghanaian artistes will ‘put some RESPEK’ on sound engineers’ name– thanks to Magnom. The successful record producer proved why sound engineers know the best.

His “Mature by Nature” proves why he is matured on the field and his single hit “My Baby” is even the tip of the iceberg.

Magnom changed the perception that producers are always tied to the recording studio booth and can’t perform songs.

5. “The Beginning” by Cabum

Even though Cabum has been in the game for almost a decade, he’s still unsung – reason being that he has no nationwide hit. It’s obvious that relevance in today’s showbiz is measured by the number of current hits. But, Cabum finds a new way to re-launch or begin a new chapter in his underrated career.


With the zeal to re-emerge, Cabum assembles the best Hip-hop collections in one folder called “The Beginning”.

6. “Pen & Paper” by Shaker and Ko-Jo Cue

“Pen & Paper” is Shaker and Ko-Jo Cue’s best joint project yet. The BBnZ Live label mates managed to find the link between old and new school rap and delivered what’s beyond just lyrics and poetry.

The duo changed the game and birthed new school rap with just a single joint album.


7. “Onipa Akoma” by Akan

It takes Okomfo Anokye to ‘kill’ the Hip-hop dominance in Ghana music and one guy who gave it a try is Akan. The fearless emerging rap musician whose has a bit of every favourite Hiplife legend in his delivery almost changed the game with his acclaimed debut album “Onipa Akoma” (Human’s heart).

There’s a little bit of Okomfo Kwadee, Obrafour, Reggie Rockstone, Kontihene, Obour, Okyeame Kwame and Lord Kenya in “Onipa Akoma” masterpiece.

8. “Ninsala” by Maccasio

One of the biggest issues with Tamale based rappers is their language. Even though it is believed language is not a barrier in music, some northern rappers are finding it difficult to break through the mainstream business.


But, thanks to Maccasio, new Tamale rappers can have their voices heard in their new projects.

“Ninsala” (referring to ‘humans’ in Dagbani) is the snap realisation that pious people will always dwell amongst the pure-hearted but points out one significant and lifesaving trick – don’t trust humans, rather, trust God.

9. “B.A.R 4” by E.L

That epic mixtape mystery is yet to be solved thus, E.L continues his “B.A.R” series with the hope that one day, we will come to realise who the real Best African Rap artiste is.

“B.A.R 4” is the upgraded version of the previous “B.A.R” mixtape album and with no doubt, it’s one of the best music collections released this year.


10. “Orange Card: Fruitopian Raps” by Wanlov the Kubolor

Wanlov the Kubolor needs no praises by anyone and he’s not yet to please anyone in the rap game. “Orange Card: Fruitopian Raps” is just a proof.

Even though the title suggests food lyricism, the content actually covers the realities of life and even attack the bad system we have created for ourselves.

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