Woman cries after fiancé rejected her proposal, left her with the ring in hand

In a video that has gone viral on social media, the lady is seen kneeling down in a shopping mall with a ring in hand to place on the finger of the young man, but shockingly, he declined and walked out on her. All he did was to hug her.

The lady apparently must have been dating her fiancé for a long time, but the gentleman was dragging his feet in proposing to her, hence her unconventional move.

The incident reportedly occurred in Nigeria's Ikeja City Mall. Other reports indicated that the young man was already married.

Here are some interesting views of social media user sampled regarding the development:


“God will punish that guy, If you try that with me, I’ll bring out a gun from my bag, and shoot you in your manhood straight”.

Precious Chukwudi: This should serve as lesson to girls…. U think cos we are in 21st century u can now become a man and do his job babe ur job is to work urself, build and empower yourself… Make urself a meaningful woman… Men will find u come u don’t have to look for them because your grace as woman is noticeable… God bless all the ladies waiting patiently and not taking laws into their hands.

Angel Kelechi: No matter what the society has turned to i still insist this is a man’s job. Leave it for them.

Chydo Lawrence: Babe I love your courage but in as much as we’re in a more civilized society, please it’s a guy’s job to propose to a lady!

Well girls have been rejecting marriage proposals too. So this doesn’t make a difference, you’d have hired some guys that will be shouting “say yes, say yes, in the background. He felt embarrassed and shy. Real men don’t like to be put through in that feminine situation.


Larry Okezie: I love her courage sha. Buh she should have done it in private at least to avoid any sort of embarrassment. “I STAND WITH HER”

Anonymous: Proposing is not a women thing in this part of the world but for her to express herself to a guy it means she loves you and she’s not ashamed about it.

That guy is immature,just consider it a gift or would you have walked out if this was a surprise birthday party or if she surprised you with your favorite things?

As a gentle man He should have accepted,tell her to get up give her a hug and whisper in her ear in public even if you don’t want or it came as a surprise you can return it back or scold her privately don’t disgrace her like that in public it’s wrong! value and respect your women.

She loved you more than anyone to take that bold step.


Victor E J Marshall: The truth is, He is not ready for her.. He does not value her. If he was in love with her he wouldn’t have left her hanging.. It would have been fun for him if he was in love with her n had her in mind. Receive her proposal n reciprocate it in your on way n time, it’s just wisdom. Too bad

Ricky Chidi: Let’s stop copying everything westerners do. Why would you propose to a man, not even in secret but in a public place like this.

Hmmm wake up girl , this is Africa not America, stop copy copy and embrace your culture. A man is supposed to make the bold step not the other way round. Even if you want to, you should know the kind of man you’re doing that to. How can u shock a Nigerian man like this in shop rite… Ah ah hanty

Mcquin Handsum Marquis: Well I don’t blame her… I like her courage… but how could a guy just disgrace he’s gf and himself publicly… if the guy love her he should have accepted the ring.. it doesn’t mean u re automatically married.. and when he get home he can tell her he doesn’t want her .. de girl must have trust him enough for her to do that… well I just felt pity for the girl… just saying my mind sha…. my own proposal would be inside my bedroom… I can’t fit shout oo

Olu Michael: Lol… Did it pain you girls??


When a girl will turn down a guy’s proposal.. You will say she’s not ready and should not be forced into marriage…the Guy was not ready for marriage as well Na.. Shey Una Don see how en dey pain now abi

Betty Derby: We must be careful with the people we are rolling with and claiming to be out boyfriends and girlfriends. Most of them ain’t real It really hurts knowing your spouse is ur all but they got other people they planning future with, it really hurts wen not loved back but it’s never the end tho hmmmnn speaking from experience.

Anozie Jessica: Too bad but what if he accepted, who will pay her bride price ?because I guess any guy that proposes to a lady is ready for marriage and has the Money for dowry….. So my sister hope u hv the money to pay?

Nwobu Chukwuemeka Samuel: What a man can do, a woman can do even better… The guy isn’t really sure he wants to settle with her.. I will gladly accept if my current girlfriend proposes to me..

Obaje Rita: All those ladies planning to do so.. This a very good example for you… We Nigerians we have culture and traditions and it has values… Please it stop this nonsense all in the name of civilization.. Our mothers never proposed to our fathers… Please let stop this nonsense. Happy New week


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