Did Kuami Eugene ‘steal’ Ice Prince's songs for “Wish Me Well”?

Kuami Eugene has been hit with song lifting allegation after "Confusion" brouhaha. What's the real deal?

This comes after the 2018 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards “New Artiste of the Year” award winner referred to fellow musician Pataapa as a ‘noisy artiste’.

He further made it clear that there will not be any future collaboration, so fans should save their anticipation energy.

One of the attackers then claimed that Kuami Eugene’s latest song was sampled from two songs performed by Nigerian rap artiste, Ice Prince.

The Twitter user by name ‘Abeiku Lytle’ claimed Kuami Eugene lifted lyrics from Ice Prince’s “Juju” and “In The Morning” for his latest song, titled “Wish Me Well”.

He tweeted (unedited): “A Nigerian follower just pointed out to me that Kuami Eugene lifted from Ice Prince's Juju for his verse on Wish Me Well and again sampled Ice Prince's rap verse on In the Morning for his rap verse on the same Wish Me Well. Went to listen and it's true. Sigh.”

We did a few checks to compare the songs.

After listening to all the songs, we realised that the allegation has nothing to do with the beat or the rhythm but the lyrics. Even with the lyrics, it’s just two phrases that were lifted.

Ice Prince’s “Juju” had this lyric “If you wish me well, I go wish you well oh”, which was found in Kuami’s new song.

And in Ice Prince’s “In The Morning”, we found this phrase “But He Be Dissing Me Alot Like Say I Record With A Stolen Mic” in his first verse. The beginning of the phrase was translated into Twi and the latter being direct. Kuami Eugene’s verse said, “Motimi ki ka mi h) nsem as if I have been called with a stolen mic (Stolen mic).”

This, in the copyright world, could lead Kuami Eugene into a serious trouble but looking at this issue from art point, he did nothing wrong. The lyrics Kuami Eugene lifted are just public domain phrases and this can not wash away his creativity.

It’s fair to spare Kuami Eugene because he might not be the first artiste to repeat such phrases in his song.

This is not the first time Kuami Eugene has been hit by song lifting allegations. His first single of 2018, titled “Confusion” was said to be a song by Malian Grammy nominated artiste Sidiki Diabaté. Sidiki’s 2016 hit single, titled "Fais moi Confiance" was said to be the same version of Kuami Eugene’s “Confusion”.


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