7 things you need to know when picking a suit

These lessons will take your suit wearing game to another level.


It’s either too big making them look like hand-me-downs or too small making the wearing look uncomfortable and skimpy. If you want to look ostentatious and dapper when picking a suit up then keep these 7 things in mind. They’ll come in handy

Always check  for the shoulders when picking an already-made suit from the rack

A good suit should always have the shoulder pads lying on your shoulders and nothing more or less than that. A bad shoulder on a suit will affect the suit in a bad way.

Pick a jacket that should be long enough to cover your zip

Never ever opt for a suit jacket that is very short or too long that it moves over the zip of the pants. Imagine how weird that will look especially because it’ not a tailcoat or a vest

Opt for pants that should be long enough to only cover parts of the lace

Your pants should be a perfect fit and finding how that works is simple. The pants should be long enough to cover just the top of the shoe and some parts of the lace. If the pants do not touch the shoe or its too long that it falls all over the shoe and leaves extra cloth at certain parts of your feet then you need not to wear or purchase it.

Vents on your jacket are stylish but should depend on the tailoring

Actually some of the types of suit tailoring do not allow vents. English cuts allows for two vents whiles their Italian rivals do not allow for cuts at all. However American cuts have just one vent. A vent on a suit jacket makes you more fashion forward.

Do not wear a bow tie with a corporate suit or a long tie with a white suit

It’s a fashion faux pas to wear bow ties with a corporate suit or along with a white tie and most people tend to get it completely wrong with this one. Always go for a black bow tie and a cummerbund for a white tux. However a black-tie event requires that you wear a bow tie or a long tie with a tuxedo.

Your cuff should show a bit of the sleeve of your shirt dress

Your suit jacket shouldn’t cover your hand or below your wrist. It needs to fall exactly on your sleeve and showing a little bit of your shirt sleeve. Always opt for a darker color for your shirt.

If you going to a serious atmosphere opt for a double button and a single-button for a much relaxed atmosphere

It’s much advisable to do double button with a peak notch lapel and a single button for more relaxed atmosphere. Make sure to always unbutton it when you sit down and not forgetting remove the label from the jacket’s left sleeve with a pair of scissors.

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